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Straight to the point, no nonsense advice

Abu gets straight to it and provides valuable insights that I can actually implement. He practices what he preaches so I know that what he is saying is true.

Abu always dropping gems

Love hearing him talk about business and the different stages he goes through

Very inspiring and digestible

Really great topics. Love to hear from young, successful black voices. Highly recommend.

Truly makes my day

I love this podcast so much. Abu is so inspiring to me. He makes me feel ok to fail as long as it’s something I’m passionate about. He interviews so many inspiring women and I think it’s so amazing that he does so much for women trying to grow a business.


This podcast is so inspirational and something that every entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur should listen to because it’s so honest and gives us good ideas for what we can do to help us along the way. I love listening to podcasts like these because they’re so uplifting. Looking forward to new episodes!

Must Listen

Great Podcast. Very insightful and honest on the journey of entrepreneurship. This is a better for your mind than any rap.

Gold for Entrepreneurs!

Abu thank you for the refreshing and raw conversations and insights with real people in our space ! Recommend this to new and current entrepreneurs in the online business world especially

Gems, gems, gems!

Episode 28 is a great listen for anyone who feels like they need a push because they’re stuck. I enjoy the entire podcast because I really appreciate the authenticity and openness that Abu offers.

Great Podcast

Thanks for sharing your knowledge 😊

Valuable knowledge

Every podcast is worth more than a $$$. It’s really valuable. You’re genius mr Fofanah. Thanks a lot for the valuable knowledge

Right on time!!

Every episode is money🤑Gems💎. I promise you’ll be like “I needed to hear that”. This dude and everyone he interviews is dopeAF. #goals

For the culture🔌

The culture needed these conversations! They’re digestible , informative & inviting which people in all chapters of their lives can learn something.🙌🏽

Obsessed with this podcast!

Abu!!! This is one of my favorite podcasts. I just love everything about it…from the topics, the guests, the gems dropped and the overall production. This podcast is the truth! The content is relatable and I love how you really dig into what makes each guest so great at what they do. You’re a great interviewer and storyteller. I can’t wait to listen to more episodes!

Take Notes!!

I honestly get excited when a new episode drops & can’t wait to learn something new. This is honestly a no fluff, all gems kind of platform with genuine conversations. I love how there are various topics and people from different walks of life. Abu has always been very great at what he does and this really sets the bar high, as he continues to educate the masses. I leave each episode with a new idea or spark of knowledge.


Honestly, Abu is absolutely amazing. I didn’t know how much I needed this podcast until I came across it. He is SO genuine, intriguing, brilliant and funny. He brings on the best and most talented guests to also share their story and advice. I’ve been sharing his podcast around and blasting it daily. Thanks a million for sharing your time and knowledge 🔥🔥🔥

Episode 15 was my intro to the POD

I am grateful for the kind of care and presence of mind that Abu has demonstrated. To know that this moment was important was critical. To share it with his listeners was generous. To note: on the record…that he is aware of the fact that this type of cloth talk (DJKhaledSlang) requires a bag that some who have the mindset have yet to materialize was so compassionate of him. It does not go unnoticed by me. My next episode is 8 that I plan to listen to but I am going to sit with 15 for a while on replay. It was loaded with game and I just want to process it all. 🔥 Thank you for the 🔥 Abu.

Paid Ads vs Organic

Listened to both parts, loved the convo. Got a few really valuable perspectives! Can’t wait to test it out. Abu presents a wealth of knowledge & is already the ad-King, so a free podcast is an invaluable resource & investment to our success! Could we ask for more?!?! Thank you! -Holliwood

Literally Dropping Gems!

I have learned a lot and gained new perspectives to my approach to ads just listening to these. I actually seen your ads across many platforms before I found these so I am proof that your methods work lol. I have become a huge fan! Thank you so much for sharing!

Loved this Podcast

Just finished up listening to Part 2 of organic vs. Paid ads. Now that we are in Q4, I am realizing I need to put in more effort into organic content creation to then be able to save on ad spend when I repurpose that content into an ad. It blew my mind hear the goat himself basically agree with what I had going on already. Going to go back and listen to all the previous episodes 🙌🏽

Episode 11Power Talk Part 1

Ok. So this episode in 20 minutes give take, broke down the importance and understanding of ads organic and automated in relationship to treating yourself and business as a corporation. I purchased a small course a while back last year on FB Ads and now I feel un intimidated on approaching it and allowing it to teach me this skillset to apply it in various ways. Thank You Powered A.F.!!! Charlie


This podcast is the 👏🏾AB 👏🏾SO 👏🏾LUTE 👏🏾 TRUTH!! I have binged listened to all of the episodes ( 9 so far) and have even listened to SEVERAL again. I have saved episodes and taken notes. I have followed the interviewees so that I can stay in their spheres. I feel like I have gone to a MASTER CLASS. Abu asks the BEST strategy questions that as an entrepreneur I am desiring to know and the answers leave me with aspirations of my next business moves. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this podcast. I look forward with much anticipation for the next episodes. 🙏🏾🖤 Sayyida Abdus-Salaam, MD CEO/Founder Shawishi Skincare Collection Memphis Center for Aesthetic Medicine

Who can stop us?!

Wow! Abu has done it again with this one. If you want an MBA in business marketing without the Dartmouth price tag... you’re in the right place 😊

So many GEMS!

As a Power Your Launch student, I’ve been looking forward to this podcast. Every single interview that I’ve watched on IG is inundated with value, knowledge and so many GEMS! Emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs have lots to gain.

Renee Bull episode

Another great episode! Loved hearing Renee’s story and really appreciated her honesty.

Inspiring & Captivating

Abu, this podcast is absolutely amazing! I’m learning so much and am truly inspired by the ladies you’ve brought on as guest speakers so far. If I ever start my own business, just know that you had a large part to play in helping take that final leap of faith! Keep it going! Looking forward to all the episodes to come!

So Relatable!

I love how Abu and his guest are so transparent. It helps me to really believe I can make it to where they are at. Amazing conversations taking place on each episode. I would recommend to any entrepreneur or someone considering entrepreneurship.

Listen 🗣🗣🗣

If you want to learn about all things ads, marketing from an authentic source you’re in the absolute right place. Get you head set and listen in to Abu the G.O.A.T. and his guests. You will not be disappointed.

Information with inspiration!

I love to listen to Abu! He delivers information, simplifying concepts and inspiring all levels of entrepreneurs. All of that with his positive and humble attitude! Love it!

Great guy with a wealth of knowledge

Abu is ridiculously knowledgeable regarding teaching ads and walking founders through the fears and successes of running their own businesses. This podcast was a fitting next step. Looking forward to hearing more gems from this man!

Abu is the Truth!

Abu is an exceptional teacher! It is great to see this dream come to fruition! I look forward to the PYL courses and more podcasts episodes.